It’s summer…the kids are excited and the parents are wondering how am I going to entertain my kids all summer long. While we don’t want our kids glued to electronics all day, we also don’t feel like listening to them scream and fight because of boredom. When you throw having kids with sensory issues and/or ADHD into the mix, then you definitely want to find something that will keep them moving and getting plenty of physical activity. Your backyard is a great place to add some sensory play, allowing your kids to have fun while getting the movement and sensory input they need.

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This ultimate list of toys for backyard sensory play is great for providing fun while letting kids with ADHD get the movement they need and providing sensory integration for kids with sensory processing disorder.

Backyard Toys for Jumping:

Jumping is a great activity for kids seeking vestibular and proprioceptive input.


Pogo Stick

Bouncy House

Stomp Rocket

Hopscotch Water Pad

Sack Race Game


*While not all of these are jumping activities, they can provide the input vestibular and proprioceptive seekers need for their sensory diet.

Backyard Toys with Water:

Water play is great for those seeking proprioceptive, vestibular, and tactile input.

Water Table

Water Guns

Water Balloons


Water Pad

Water Obstacle Course


Water Slide

Slip n’ Slide

Baseball Water Slide

Hopscotch Water Pad


Backyard toys for spinning or swinging.

Spinning is a powerful therapy for sensory integration.


Platform Swing

Tire Swing

Playset Swing Set



Backyard toys to Enhance Motor Skills:

A lot of kids with sensory issues struggle with their motor skills. These toys can improve fine motor skills, large motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc.


Sand Table

Soccer Goal

Basketball Hoop

Catch Ball Set


Lawn Darts

Target Toss Game

Bean Bag Toss

Tether Ball



Sidewalk Chalk

Backyard Toys for a Calming Space:

When our kids get overwhelmed, they sometimes need a quiet place they can retreat too. Let them get away without leaving the yard.


Club House

Backyard Toys for Movement:

All of these toys allow for movement which all children need, especially children diagnosed with ADHD. They also provide great vestibular and proprioceptive input.

Zorb Ball


Ball Pit


Climbing Wall

Dome Climber

Gardening Tools


And of course, you can’t forget about an obstacle course. Build your own with these tools: Tunnel, Cones, Toss Rings, Riverstones, Hurdles, Balance Beam.