Your kid is screaming at you, throwing things across the room, coming at you with hands flying and feet kicking simply because you told him it was time to turn off his game and come eat dinner. You told him how much time he would have. You set the timer. It warned him. You warned him. The timer went off. Now he’s beyond upset and you don’t know what to do.


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This happens on a regular basis at our house. If I ask my son to turn off his XBox because it is time to eat or I tell him no he can’t have a friend over after school, my son can become explosive. Yelling, talking back to me, and yes, even becoming violent are common reactions to being told what to do or being told no.

This behavior is not because I am a bad parent. It is not because of inconsistency. It is not because of lack of discipline. It is because my son has been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety.


Telling kids with ADHD what to do can be a cause of anxiety, meltdowns, big emotions, and explosive behavior. Often kids with ADHD have already decided what it is they want to do and when someone tells them no, they have a hard time accepting this. Some kids can’t comprehend the reasoning of why they are being told no. They want to make their own decisions. Kids with ADHD and anxiety often feel like people don’t understand how to handle them.

As parents, it can be easy for us to turn a blind eye to the “invisible disability,” forgetting that our children cannot easily accept what we are telling them, expecting the same behavior that we see from siblings and other neurotypical children. Leaving us feeling lost and at times hopeless that we will ever be able to enjoy a family dinner without explosive behavior.


This is where CALM THE CHAOS | The Behavior Workshop comes in. My friend, Dayna, is a National Board Certified early childhood teacher and mom of three with over 15 years of experience with children’s behaviors both in and out of the classroom.

She has taken her 15 years in the classroom, 11 years as a parent to a worried child, and extensive brain-based research from experts in the field and created a resource that puts all the information you need to calm the chaos at your fingertips.

Imagine being able to tell your child to come eat dinner or no and not have an explosive meltdown. Imagine everyone sitting at the dinner table, enjoying their time together.

Joining The Behavior Workshop is the first step to having the peaceful family life you’ve always dreamed about.  

The Behavior Workshop eCourse teaches you and your child everything you need to end the chaos and reconnect with your child, including:

  • Understanding Worries, Behaviors and Big Emotions
  • Assessing Behaviors and Modifying (Complete with observation checklists and forms)
  • Implementing Proven Strategies, Phrases, and Techniques (Includes games for kids and hands-on activities to play together)
  • Self-Regulation Strategies for Children
  • Calming Tools and Resources (tons of printable visual tools and games)

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