I see you staring at my child. I see your disapproving looks. Disapproving of the way he’s acting. Disapproving of the way I’m handling it. But what you don’t see is the diagnosis behind my son’s behavior or the hours of therapy we do on a weekly basis that teaches me how to handle my child’s behavior.

I hear you say “if that was your child you’d spank his butt” or “your child would never act like that.” What you don’t hear is my son’s broken voice through sobs saying “mommy, I’m so sorry. I just don’t know what to do when I feel like that.”

You see, up until this past year, I’ve not seen the disapproving looks or heard the disapproving comments. Not because I’m surrounded by people that understand, but because my son was able to keep it together in public and then would melt down at home. However, this summer, he changed. He couldn’t hide everything anymore.

He would pick his cup up and bang it down on one side and then the other over and over until his OCD told him that he could finally let go of the cup. He would yell and scream when we told him to come on because he would have to back up and start over again because the way he was walking wasn’t “right.”

For the first time, I saw the looks. I saw people looking at him wondering what is wrong. I saw people looking at me wondering why I wasn’t doing what they thought I should be doing. But even more, I saw my son. I saw that my son is struggling with finding someone that understands him. Searching for someone that understands what it is like for him to have OCD, someone to understand what it is like for him to have ADHD, someone to understand what it is like for him to have SPD.

While I don’t have OCD, ADHD, or SPD, I do know that I can learn how to understand my son through him. He can teach me. But how? How do I make it easy for my young child to teach me how to understand him and what he is going through?

Fortunately, my friend Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures has written a new book, The Superkids Activity Guide. The Superkids Activity Guide, helps children understand what their bodies are telling them and provides them with the right words so they can tell their parents exactly what they are feeling and why they are feeling it.

Each activity comes with a quick “train your adult” guide to help your child flip your thinking and respectfully stand up for themselves and their superkids needs. 

And to make this even better for your child (and you), if you pre-order before August 15th, you will get bonuses valued at over $50.

To receive your bonus:

  1. Purchase your copy of The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day.
  2. Fill out the Pre-Order Bonus Form.
  3. Forward a copy of your receipt to preorder@thesuperkidsguide.com
  4. Within 24-48 hours your bonuses will be delivered to your inbox.

Join me, my son and many others in the Superkid Movement and empower your child with the right tools and strategies to be the best superkid they can be.