Best Parenting Tips for Sensory Processing Disorder

When you have a child that has sensory processing disorder, some of the parenting techniques that you read about just won’t work. Sure I’ve tried 1-2-3 Magic. It works great for my non sensory child, but my sensory kiddo could care less. I would usually get “oh yeah yeah…1-2-3-4-5-6…” in response. Time-outs don’t work. And although Love and Logic is a great book, when your child is too young to understand the logic, well it’s not really all that beneficial. This past year, I realized that parenting a child with sensory processing disorder successfully is not about being reactive but rather proactive. Instead of finding the right kind of discipline when the meltdowns occur, take measures and steps to help decrease the meltdowns. Which, by the way, one of the #1 things I learned this year is to not discipline a meltdown, rather offer comfort and reassurance.

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So while I might still be new at parenting sensory processing disorder, I know that in the past year I have definitely found some solutions that have worked best for me. Here are my top 5 parenting tips for sensory processing disorder in 2015:

5 Tips to Make Parenting an SPD Child Easier

Here I share with you the 5 tips that really made the most impact on our lives and my sanity this past year.

Making a Schedule for a Child with SPD

I had always heard about the importance of a schedule for children with sensory issues but really never understood how significant the impact can be until I actually made one for my child.

Spelling Homework with an SPD Child

Spelling homework was always one of the hardest times of the day. Even though my child is an EXCELLENT speller and loves spelling, I had to come up with some fun sensory ways for him to complete his homework.

6 Helpful Tips to Reduce Back to School Anxiety

While a lot of parents look forward to the start of school, it can be a time that causes high anxiety for not only the child but the parents of child with sensory processing disorder. Here I share 6 tips to help reduce the anxiety, both for the child and the parents.

When You Know it’s More than Behavior or Bad Parenting

For several years, we thought that we were doing something wrong. We were failing our child and failing as parents. Then it was suggested our child has sensory processing disorder. We had an answer. We had a new outlook. We had direction.

Sensory Processing 101

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