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For the past couple months, we have been using the SensoryTreat App and love it. As a parent that has found building a successful sensory diet as one of the most challenging aspects to grasp in helping my child with his sensory issues, this app has really helped us come a long way.

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SensoryTreat was designed by parents of 2 children with sensory issues. After years of working with an OT, they started looking for better ways to manage their childrens’ sensory diets and replace the OT paperwork, which lead to SensoryTreat. Check out this short little video of SensoryTreat.


SensoryTreat allowed us to log the exercises that we did, rate how well it helped my child, and set reminders of when it was time to do our exercises. The app includes ideas of activities to do with your child that you can choose from to add to your daily routine or you can design your own. If you have a hard time coming up with ideas of different activities and want more variety, you can also purchase the magnet set which includes 108 ideas for your child. I absolutely love the magnet set, as it has given me more ideas on fun activities that offer sensory regulation. And by using the app, I have been able to record what activities he likes best and how they have helped or not helped him. Knowing what is working for him has allowed me the opportunity to get the tools that will really help him like a trampoline, weighted balls and a swing, rather than buying every little thing that I read about to try. Suddenly, building my son’s sensory diet became a fun activity for both of us, rather than a state of confusion.

Image Courtesy of SensoryTreat

Image Courtesy of SensoryTreat

The app also includes some other great features, like letting you share updates with your child’s OT and sending reminders to teachers or other caregivers.

And now you can have the chance to try out this wonderful App that helps get your child’s sensory diet organized. SensoryTreat is offering a 1 year FREE subscription for the app, which regularly costs $2.99/month for 12 months. No obligations when your free subscription expires.

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