Calming An Anxious Child

Calming an anxious child is not easy. In fact, it is HARDEST thing that I have ever done. I have read books, talked to doctors, done research online, joined support groups. I have found tips from here and there that I’ve tried and some of them helped a little bit and other tips seemed to cause even more anxiety. When you have an anxious child, it affects the entire household. Sometimes it is like we are walking on eggshells, trying everything to not cause our child to get upset. Our youngest doesn’t understand. But most importantly, my anxious child suffers. When it comes to trying to calm an anxious child, I am always looking for new ideas, information and tools that we can use to help everyone in our household.

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My son has sensory processing disorder and OCD. So naturally he also has anxiety. I’ve read books about sensory processing disorder and OCD. We’ve started using a platform swing, trampoline and weighted balls on a regular basis. We’ve done occupational therapy and exposure and response prevention therapy. These are great tools for helping with sensory processing disorder and OCD, but don’t help calm an anxious child. Sure sometimes the anxiety will disappear after the therapy is done, but what am I supposed to do as he’s slamming the swing into the tree screaming at the top of his lungs, refusing to do the therapy? He’s too big for me to pick up and throw on the swing, so if he’s not willing to do therapy, it’s not happening. I found myself starting to go down that road again asking “why me?”, “why him?”, and “what do I do?”

That’s when I found the 10-day e-course, Calm the Chaos: Parenting an Anxious Child, offered by Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures. Over a span of 10-days (you could extend this if you aren’t able to do everything in the 10-day timeframe), I got tips for parenting my anxious child. Dayna also formed an online support group where all of the parents were able to discuss issues and offer support and advice for each other. Once again, I knew I wasn’t alone. After those 10 days, I knew that I had what it takes to parent my child. I had a plan of action, I had strategies, and most of all, I had the reassurance from all of the other moms that I wasn’t failing my child or myself.

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