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How To Help Your Child With OCD Cope With Bullying

I am honored to introduce Jackie, a reader of Putting Socks on Chickens and mother of a child with OCD. Now working as a writer, Jackie started her career in finance and banking, but after becoming a mom refocused and decided to spend more time with her family. When she’s not writing, she volunteers for a number of local mental health charities and also has a menagerie of pets to look after. One of her daughters is on the autism spectrum and has experienced issues with bullying in her early school life, Jackie works hard to promote ways to...

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The Superkids Activity Guide to Better Understanding Your Child

I see you staring at my child. I see your disapproving looks. Disapproving of the way he’s acting. Disapproving of the way I’m handling it. But what you don’t see is the diagnosis behind my son’s behavior or the hours of therapy we do on a weekly basis that teaches me how to handle my child’s behavior. I hear you say “if that was your child you’d spank his butt” or “your child would never act like that.” What you don’t hear is my son’s broken voice through sobs saying “mommy, I’m so sorry. I just don’t know what...

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Must Have Tools to Help with Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for OCD

When our belief that our son was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) was confirmed by his doctor, the first step that we took was to locate a therapist that specialized in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. ERP is the #1 recommended therapy for combatting OCD. While I would recommend seeing a therapist to help your child, doing the therapy at home is necessary for your child to overcome their rituals. Having the right exposure and response prevention therapy tools can make the at-home therapy for OCD more successful. Note: This post contains affiliate links and ads. If you...

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The Ultimate List of Toys for Backyard Sensory Play

It’s summer…the kids are excited and the parents are wondering how am I going to entertain my kids all summer long. While we don’t want our kids glued to electronics all day, we also don’t feel like listening to them scream and fight because of boredom. When you throw having kids with sensory issues and/or ADHD into the mix, then you definitely want to find something that will keep them moving and getting plenty of physical activity. Your backyard is a great place to add some sensory play, allowing your kids to have fun while getting the movement and...

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A Fun Way to Practice Calming Strategies for Anxiety

There are hundreds of activities to help calm anxious children. From sensory bins to deep breathing exercises, calming strategies for anxiety can be a fun way to help kids avoid meltdowns. However, it can take kids, especially kids with extreme anxiety, a long time to learn and develop self-regulation skills. Note: This post contains affiliate links and ads. If you purchase anything from a link on my page, it helps to support the chickens, rooster, and hen of this blog. You can read my disclosure and privacy policy here. For kids with underdeveloped self-regulation skills, using calming strategies for anxiety...

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Meet Erin

Beat Buster – An OCD Role-Playing Game

Beat Buster is a role-playing game that teaches children diagnosed with OCD to boss back their OCD. It is customizable so that if focuses on your child’s compulsions. The game is fun and takes the anxiety out of this recommended step in therapy for OCD.

UNWIRED – A Game to Calm Anxiety

UNWIRED is a customizable game to help children practice calming strategies to calm their anxious feelings.

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