There are hundreds of activities to help calm anxious children. From sensory bins to deep breathing exercises, calming strategies for anxiety can be a fun way to help kids avoid meltdowns. However, it can take kids, especially kids with extreme anxiety, a long time to learn and develop self-regulation skills.

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For kids with underdeveloped self-regulation skills, using calming strategies for anxiety can be impossible, regardless of how fun they might be. These kids often have to go to the extreme high of their emotions before they can even think about coming down and taking deep breaths or jumping on their trampoline.

Practicing calming strategies for anxiety while a child is calm is the best way to help teach self-regulation skills. While calming strategies can be fun, asking your child to sit down and practice them can cause anxiety, or at least it does in our house. That’s why I developed UNWIRED – A Game to Calm Anxiety.

UNWIRED is a fun game that is customizable so that you can specify your own child’s anxiety triggers. It offers a wide range of popular, easy and fun calming strategies, while still keeping the choices limited so a child isn’t overwhelmed with too many options. The game is meant to be played when the child is calm and not when they are anxious, therefore allowing them time to practice self-regulation skills. The goal is for your child to find a calming strategy that they really like and with practice, will hopefully, one day use when they begin to feel anxious.

With fun calming strategies like playing with fidget toys, playing in sensory bins, deep pressure exercises like getting a hug or using a weighted blanket or toy, and more, you and your child are sure to find a calming strategy that they will like to use when feeling anxious.

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